High on Your Love !

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A Compilation of All Original Cuts , Written and Produced by the artist himself.                             A Strong Mixture of High Energy Cuts, Laced with Passionate and Heartfelt Ballads !


Cherokee Wind      -    A Strong Heartfelt Dedication to The Cherokee Peoples.           CHEROKEE WIND-demo.MP3

High on Your Love  - Title Track, gets your feet movin' and your heart pumpin' !                HIGH ON YOUR LOVE-demo.MP3

Lonely                        -   Smooth Sounds and  a Warm Mix,  To a Love gone Wrong !          LONELY-demo.MP3

Tampa Woman   - "Tongue in Cheek" ditty, about a wild time with a wild woman !          TAMPA WOMAN-demo.MP3

 Do What You Do - Tap your foot to a Cajun-Zideco Boogie, make Ya wanna Dance !             DO WHAT YOU DO-demo.MP3

Lost Without You   -  A Missing Love , What went Wrong ?                                                      LOST WITHOUT  YOU-demo.MP3

Missin' You        -   A Longing Passion for a New Romance !                                                 MISSIN' YOU-demo.MP3

I Like It               -     Crank it up and Tell it like it is,  "I Like It !"                                                 I LIKE IT-demo.MP3

The Man I Really Am  -  An "In-depth look" into  the Artist' Heart  !                                    THE MAN I REALLY AM-demo.MP3