"United We Stand" a Tribute to America !


           THE PLEDGE       MY COUNTRY TIS OF THE           UNITED WE STAND             AMERICA

         STARS AND STRIPES                      ONLY IN AMERICA.                  RED WHITE AND BLUE.                                            DAYS OF AMERICA.                    ROCKIN IN THE USA.

"United We Stand ! " a "Tribute to America", is a musical presentation, that encompasses and encourages the display of patriotism and the un-ending desire and determination on which our great country was founded ! A passionate call, to return to the foundations and principles of faith, brotherly love, unity and selflessness that birthed this great nation !

"The United States of America !"

It begins with a dynamic and heart rending version of ,

 "The Pledge of Allegiance", by a chorus of school children between the ages of, 4 & 12 yrs. old, kindergarten through the 6th grade .

It continues with a heartful presentation

 of "The National Anthem!",  followed by a three stanza, soulful rendention of  "My Country Tisíof The" and proceeds into the heartfelt performance of  "United We Stand !"  composed by Jimmy Reagan, in response to the September 11th , World Trade Center bombing.  It ends with a powerful and dramatic chorus of "America" , that gives each and every person attending the performance, their own opportunity to "Unite" with their voices, to express their love, patriotism and support to our country in     "Tribute to America!"

The performance is also accompanied by the presentational display of    "The American Flag"  and the   "P.O.W. Flag"  in tribute to the many   American Soldiers and Vetrans that have given, both their Lives and Service to keep "Us"  as  American's Free!

The full presentation is then enhanced by by a full compilation of selected songs of "American Music" such as,

Only in America - Brooks and Dunn            Where the Stars and Stripes -  Aron Tippen 

Rockin In The U.S.A.-John Cougar                      Days of America - Black Hawk   

 Courtesy of the Red White and Blue - Toby Kieth 

  Little Pink House ( Ain't that America) - John Cougar

Proud to be an American ! - Lee Greenwood

 formulated to give power and presence to the presentation and create an "atmosphere of American Pride and Patriotism" 

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    

(in outdoor or stadium performances the performance can be accompanied) ( with Pyrotecnics and a full fireworks display !)

For Promotional and Booking Information Contact :

Jimmy Reagan C/O:             mailto:jimmyreagan@hotmail.com

                                            American Star Productions

                                               5159 Riverwood Ave

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